“Inaugurating A Unified World for
Sustainable Development Goals”

About SAASEd

The Southeast Asia Association for Special Education (SAASEd) was established in 2018. The vision of the Southeast Asia Association for Special Education (SAASEd) is to improve the quality of life and service delivery for all individuals with special needs in Southeast Asia.

SAASEd also have missions to promote awareness and understanding of issues and developments related to the education and welfare of individuals with special needs throughout Southeast Asia, promote professional exchange between professionals in special education, family members, and individuals in related disciplines in Southeast Asia, encourage and promote research to advance the field of special education and share that information through official publications in Southeast Asia, promote continuing education in special education in Southeast Asia, and work collaboratively with other special education organizations for Southeast Asia promotion of the interests of individuals with special needs.

The International Conference on Sustainable Development, Inclusion, and Education is one of SAASEd’s annual programs with the goal of realizing the organization’s mission. Moving as one piece of the puzzle to continuously strive to complete the world’s need for knowledge, ICoSIE was held to become an international discussion platform on sustainable development, inclusion, and education.


This year marks the first year of the International Conference on Sustainable Development, Inclusion, and Education. The world is constantly spinning and evolving, much like a puzzle that never ends in need of new pieces to complete. The colors in the logo represent various The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, such as good health and well-being, Indonesia quality, gender equality, and reduced inequalities. The yellow puzzle piece in the logo is a youthful color which represents ICoSIE and represents happiness, warmth, cheerfulness, and optimism. This.

Target of Participants

Due to the topic’s importance and the numerous opportunities for new research, the target audience for those who register as article presenters and participants totals 75 people and 25 people, respectively academics, government, civil society, United Nations agencies, students, and the private sector are the primary audiences.

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Mr. X



Manuscripts Publication & Indexing

We are pleased to announce that the ICoSIE 2024 papers will be published in :

International Journal Indexed by Scopus

Local accredited Journal (Sinta 3)

International Proceeding Indexed by WOS

Proceedings with google scholar-indexed ISBN

All articles of these proceedings are submitted for indexing in :